About Cory Clarke


Cory Clarke is a Real Estate Salesperson at Living Realty who is infinitely passionate about helping others in any way that he can. He also enjoys nothing more than meeting new people and learning new things. As a proud Toronto Realtor and resident, he guides sellers, buyers, and investors throughout the entire home-selling and buying process across the beautiful communities of Toronto Ontario, Canada. His marketplace knowledge is vast, and so is his determination to sell properties for top dollar. Cory’s first-hand experience buying real estate for investment properties spans over a decade. He also has over two decades of customer service expertise and successfully ran a business of his own since 2008. During each and every transaction, he leverages this multifaceted experience to ensure the most stress-free transaction possible. To Cory, transactions have less to do with monetary gain and so much more to do with the opportunity to help someone with one of the largest investments they will ever make in a lifetime. The loyal relationships that result from these important exchanges is what he finds the most rewarding about this particular line of work. Before becoming a Real Estate Agent, Cory was a Full-Time Professional Magician who was honing his craft for as long as he can remember. Cory Clarke made the decision to go into Real Estate Full Time, and has since sold his Magician Business, as balancing 2 busy careers wasn’t feasible.

If you are seeking to purchase, sell, or invest in Toronto condos, Realtor Cory Clarke is here to actualize that goal. Feel free to contact him directly with any inquiries, and he will be more than happy to assist you.